High Google Search Engine Rankings - Rocket Rankings

Traditional “SEO” is a gamble.

The SEO you know goes like this… An SEO agency contacts you, says your Google rankings are too low and they can get you higher rankings six months from now. They get your payment up front, lock you into a contract, and then they may or may not deliver six months down the road. …That’s a gamble!

High Google Search Engine Rankings - Rocket Rankings

Leap on over to Rocket Rankings!

Try us! – You’ll see a night and day difference with Rocket Rankings because we (1) do not lock you into a contract; (2) our prices are totally affordable; (3) we NEVER touch your website; and (4) we always get results. We build you so many powerful pages that Google has no choice but to rank them and send you more traffic!

High Google Search Engine Rankings - Rocket Rankings

You must decide on something…

Like the song by RUSH (Free Will) – “If you decide not to choose – you still have made a choice!” – If you are a business owner with a website, you need to try traditional SEO efforts and take the risk, or you can try us and save a bundle. But if you choose “nothing” – your competitors will pass you by.

Watch this short video...

High Google Search Engine Rankings - Rocket Rankings

We’re serving up “Rankings!”

Don’t get us wrong, we’re an SEO agency ourselves and we’re experts at it! However, sometimes it’s just plain slow… What’s the goal of SEO? – To get you better Google rankings – right?  …But Rocket Rankings is designed to get you THOUSANDS of live fast rankings for your business to make your phone ring! That’s what you really want and we’ve got it.

High Google Search Engine Rankings - Rocket Rankings

The Rocket Rankings Concept…

A landscaper paid too much for his website, his Google rankings suck, no one can find his business online, and he’s tired of his SEO agency’s excuses! – So, he starts with us today. He chooses a package and almost overnight he now has thousands of pages working for him. Those pages rank quickly, customers find him, his business prospers – wash – rinse – and repeat!

High Google Search Engine Rankings - Rocket Rankings

What’s cool about Rocket Rankings?

If we do not live up to what we say we can do…then simply WALK AWAY… We don’t lock our clients into contracts, we never even touch your website, and if we can’t get you more clicks and calls on your website – then we don’t want your money! We sell traffic, we sell results, we’ve used this tactic for clients across America and it works!

How Rocket Rankings Works…

  1.  Find out how many pages you have on your website.
  2.  To do that do this search on Google… “site:mywebsite.com”
  3.  Fill in your domain name in place of the “mywebsite.com” above.
  4.  Example: You find you have 50 pages on your website.
  5.  You decide you want more – you buy our 5,000 page package.
  6.  We create 5,000+ pages for you while covering all of your keywords and cities.
  7.  Our pages rank well and when people click on them – your page shows up.
  8.  The websites and the pages we make are ours, but we overlay your website on them as long as you’re monthly payment is in good standing.
  9.  Your website gets more traffic – you close more sales – your business grows.
  10.  Bump up your plan – get more pages – make your competitors feel it!
Live Google Rankings - Case Study - Spy-Tronix.com

Rocket Ranking Examples

Example 1:  Boost your landscaping business to a new level.

You own a local landscaping business and about a 30-page website. Your smaller local competitors have 15-page websites and the larger landscapers have up to 125 pages on their websites.

Because most landscapers rarely consider their SEO (search engine optimization) – your rankings are average with your competitors regardless of their size.

(i.e., The larger landscapers don’t feel the need to do more with their rankings because “the little guys” are not trying to rank higher on Google in the first place.)

So, you find Rocket Rankings and buy our “SPRINT” package with 2,500 pages. This graph (BELOW) shows what you and your competitors have working for you on Google.

The Bottom Line: Whether SEO on your website is good or not – the 2,500+ pages you’ll be renting from us will be nearly perfect in all SEO aspects and they will outrank your competitors for MANY long tail keywords!

End Result: Your competitors will be asleep at the wheel and you’ll almost instantly have anywhere from 20 to 166 times the amount of pages working for you than your competitors will.


Landscaping website pages + Rocket Ranking pages

Example 2:  DUI Attorney needs to seize the moment…

You’re a DUI attorney and you know you need to have your website in front of freshly accused drunk drivers. They get caught and WHAM – they need an attorney pronto!  …If your website is not ranked in the first 3 spots of Google – they won’t find your law firm when they search for one.

What we see with attorneys and their websites:  (1) Either their site is really good – or really bad; (2) If it’s really good, they paid FAR TOO MUCH for it – and it has literally ZERO SEO value; (3) we rarely see an attorney of any kind that is maxing out their website potential; (4) most attorneys leave money on the table every day because their websites have are lacking SEO.

So, you find Rocket Rankings and buy our “No Mercy” package with 7,500 pages. This graph (BELOW) shows the amount of “live pages” working for you on Google – as compared to your competitors.

The Bottom Line: Whether SEO on your website is good or not – the 7,500+ pages you’ll be renting from us will be nearly perfect in all SEO aspects and we will totally saturate your local cities (and/or your entire state) for you on Google!

End Result:  When someone in your service area gets a DUI and needs an attorney fast – your odds of being found vs. your competitors are nearly 1000% higher! …Knowing that the average cost to fight a DUI is anywhere from $7,500 – $30,000 – What would it do for your law firm if you grabbed an extra 20 new clients a year?


DUI Attorney chart with Rocket Pages

Right away, you can see the power of what we're offering here; even with a mid grade package of only 7,500 pages - you can get more online visibility than your competitors very quickly.