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About the “Sprint” Monthly Payment Option

The “Sprint” option is at the top of our “entry level” packages, but it is a true nightmare for your competitors. Don’t think for a moment that your competitors won’t freak out when they start seeing you with loads of high rankings for your keywords and service areas/cities.

Yes, by all means, having your site show up on an extra 2,500 pages and 2,500 more Google searches definitely spells out BAD NEWS for your weakling little local competitors!


What you get in the “Sprint” package…

Well, for starters, you get the good feeling that you took your first step with us and we don’t take that lightly. We promise to diligently work our butts off for you and to create a minimum of 2,500 very strong website pages for you.

The pages our SEO Gurus will make will have all of the things Google is looking for stuffed into them. They’ll stem from a strong and related website to your business – and they’ll branch out to cover your favorite keywords and your service areas where you make the big bucks.

AFTER YOU’VE MADE YOUR PURCHASE: Soon after your purchase is complete (usually within a few business hours) – we will contact you by EMAIL and get all of the business information we need from you.

INFORMATION WE’LL NEED: We’ll need to find out what keywords you want to rank for and what cities you want to rank for them in… In other words – for the “Sprint” package – we’ll ask you for maybe 25 surrounding cities and 100 keywords that you want to rank for in your area – or across the United States.


What exactly are you paying for on a monthly basis?

Well, first we need a few days to build a website from which to rank your pages. (We’ll keep you informed of our progress after your purchase is complete.) – Then, after the website is built and your pages are created, we’ll do all that we can to send Google signals that “YOUR PAGES ARE READY TO BE INDEXED AND SHOW LIVE” on Google.  (Yes, of course this will work on other search engines as well –  🙂 )

Anyways, you should expect a fair chunk of your pages to index soon after we create them. Then, more and more of your pages will index and show live on Google week by week until there are a minimum of 2,500 pages ranking for your website.

If by chance we go over and accidentally create and rank 2,700 pages for you – well…we won’t be stingy about it and we’re not going to charge you more for it. – In the end – we ALWAYS OVER-DELIVER for our clients so you’re sure to get full value for your purchase.


Why do we tell you to stay with us for a minimum of 3 months…?

Well, because things on the internet take time – even for full-blown experts like ourselves. We can’t fully control how Google controls their search engine, but rest assured that we’re pretty damn good at it and we stay on top of all of their changes.

The reason we ask you to stay with us for at least 3 months is so that you can see the full value of what we’re offering and you’ll see that we get some crazy sick results with this mass page technique.

Business owners ordering 500 pages will see things happen fairly quickly, but if you should order our larger package – like 15,000 pages… then there is a lot that goes into making that happen and it may take up to a full month for Google to index all of those pages.

Rest assured, if we see that Google is taking longer to index your 2,500 pages than they should – we’ll bust out and quickly make you an extra 500 pages or even 1,000 pages until we see them go live.


Again, the “Sprint” package lets your competitors know that you’re in it for keeps! We thank you for your interest in this product and our website as a whole – and we hope to see you on the other side!

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