Spy-Tronix Spy Shop + Rocket Rankings = More Traffic

Needless to say, we were very happy when we saw that Spy-Tronix Spy Shop signed up for one of our higher end packages.

For those of you that have been under a rock lately, Spy-Tronix Spy Shop has been around since the Internet first began and they are considered to be “The Original Spy Shop.”

Forbes even did an article, featuring Spy-Tronix, where they talked about high-tech gadgets people use to see if their spouse is cheating on them, employees are stealing from them, or basically just want to find out what is going on when they’re not around.

Spy-Tronix Spy Shop - Case Study

Spy-Tronix wanted cheaper + targeted traffic

For years, Spy-Tronix had been paying Google Adwords – Yahoo – Bing for PPC (pay per click) traffic and it was working very well for them. But over time, their return on investment with their PPC ad campaigns was diminishing.

Google and Bing do not pay much attention to “WHO is clicking on your ads.” That equates to a lot of wasted clicks, accidental clicks on cell phones, and even the dreaded “click fraud” by devious competitors.

Now, soon after starting with us, Spy-Tronix no longer pays for Google Ads and all of their traffic comes from free – organic search engine results.

Before Spy-Tronix contacted us, they had 950 active pages on their website. Then, immediately, we made them another 13,500 pages almost overnight.

The results have been incredible and Spy-Tronix continues to be a leading spy, security, self-defense and surveillance store in America!

Spy-Tronix Total Pages - 14,450

  • Spy-Tronix pages without Rocket Rankings
  • New Spy-Tronix pages added by Rocket Rankings

"The team at Rocket Rankings totally delivered for us! We started with the 2,500 page plan and then after it worked so well - we bumped up to the 10,000 page plan and they even gave us an extra 1,000 pages. We have about 950 natural pages on our site, but with Rocket Rankings, we have about 14,500 active pages ranking across America!"

"...The result is that we've been able to target different states, cities, and keywords around America and we're actually stealing Google rankings and clicks from our competitors on a daily basis. No complaints here on our end - and we highly endorse Rocket Rankings simply because it works and they do what they say they can do." - Tim Stevens / www.Spy-Tronix.com

See LIVE SPY-TRONIX RANKINGS with Rocket Rankings!

  1.  For Spy-Tronix, we used the domain “www.SecurityGuardOnline.com”  (look for this domain in the search results below)
  2.  Click on a search below – look for www.SecurityGuardOnline.com – and click on those Google results.
  3.  You’ll see “securityguardonline.com” begin to load briefly – then Spy-Tronix will load instead.

Note: The links below will open in a new browser window. As stated in our terms of service – iPhones and iPads have difficulty loading “iframes.” So use a desktop or android device for these live results.

Important: We've just shown you 5 different top rankings (in 3 different states) for Spy-Tronix.

But remember, they have another 13,500 active Rocket Ranking pages working for them right now across America as you read this...

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