Rocket Rankings: How we like to operate.

As we said on our “About Us” page, we’re business owners just like you:  We’ve spent 18 years building and ranking websites (since 1997), we still own and operate full service national level ecommerce stores, we’ve owned brick and mortar stores, we sell on, etc – we’ve done it all…and one of our online businesses was recently named on

But despite all of that business knowledge and experience – we still like to keep our site policies very short and to the point.

We’re the kind of business that can still operate on just a hand-shake between us and our business partner – and we’re hoping that partner will be you.


Basic Terms of Service

We never touch your website – so you agree that we are not liable for anything that takes place on your website.

It’s true…when you decide to work with us and to choose one of our payment options, you understand that we’ll be obtaining a website relative to your niche and we’ll be building near perfect SEO pages on our website. Only then, after it starts to be indexed on Google, do we overlay your site on top of ours so that customers will see your website when they click on our website.

Important Notes: There will be a few ways a customer will be able to tell that they are not on your website. But trust us, most site visitors are oblivious to these things and they’ll never even notice them.

  1.  There will be two scroll bars on desktop PCs. The inner most scroll bar will control your website.
  2.  The URL bar will show our website’s URL instead of yours.
  3.  People using iPods, iPads, and iPhones will see your website – but it will not work on iOS devices.
    1.  Why, because Apple has forever had a “glitch issue” when it comes to properly displaying iframes.
    2.  More and more people are using Android devices these days – so the negative effect is minimal.

So really, unless you order direct SEO services from us, we never touch your website, we do not control its rankings, and nothing that we do (as far as building pages for you to rent) will have any negative affect on your website or business as a whole.


Keeping your content clean

Of course, we have the right to turn away clients (by giving them a full refund after their purchase and quietly parting ways) that do not meet the following guidelines below.

  1.  We don’t build pages or do SEO for sites with: gambling, tobacco, liquor, or illegal weapons
  2.  We don’t build pages or do SEO for sites with adult themed topics or content of any kind.
  3.  We don’t work for religious entities, churches, political organizations, or “hate” topics of any kind.
  4.  We don’t work for sites that feel the need to show half dressed people on their website.

That’s basically it. We have a responsibility to “use our powers for good” and to only promote businesses that contribute positively to our society. Sure, we like to have a glass of wine at the end of the day – but we’re not going to create 15,000 pages for a liquor store when so many people have a problem with alcoholism.

Also, there is enough “skin” and “the garbage that goes with – skin” on the internet. We won’t work for tabloids, day spas, massage businesses, tattoo shops, some photographers, some health and fitness sites, and even some chiropractic offices. Why? – Because if you can’t operate your business without the desire or need to put half dressed people all over your website – then go pay for full service SEO.

The internet is polluted with tasteless displays of partial nudity everywhere you go and we simply don’t support it. Somehow, over the 18 years of doing business – we’ve always found a way to keep clothes on ourselves and our website images. We don’t support a local chiropractor that feels the only way to display his profession is to put a naked person on an exam table and slap it on his home page. – Not cool – not creative… Okay – we’ll shut up and step away from the podium.


Payments and Refunds

All payments are handled by Secure PayPal payments. You can use your PayPal account or you can use a major credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

The payments are “recurring” in nature and will be charged to your payment method (by PayPal) on the same day every month.

We never see your credit card information – that is between you and PayPal. You can cancel your recurring payment at anytime by accessing it inside your PayPal account – or just ask us and we’ll do it for you.

Refunds:  We’re fast, and once you start working with us – you’ll see that. Therefore, once you’ve made a purchase from us – there are no refunds of any kind…but at least we’re not locking you into a contract – so you can cancel before your next payment is charged.

The only time we’ll issue a refund is if (A) we just can’t deliver on an order for some wild reason – because we don’t want your money if we can’t create your pages; and (B) if you purchase a plan but your business does not comply with our Terms of Service stated on this page. Note: For those refunds where you simply chose not to comply with our site policies and purchased anyways – there will be a $10 processing fee that will be deducted from any refund you receive.

Missed Payments: Very simply put, if your payment is missed or does not go through – we’ll simply click the pause button and your website will no longer show on our website until your payment is received. During the time that your payment is delayed or missing – we have the right to sell your pages to a local business in your area.

Example: Bob’s landscaping has been with us for 3 months but then his payment fails to go through on the 4th month. We try to contact Bob to let him know about his payment – but Bob never replies. We have the right to immediately go to “Jim’s landscaping” in Bob’s city and see if Jim wants to buy those pages. If Jim says yes, then we will cancel Bob’s payment plan, give the pages to Jim, and Bob will have to buy a new plan if he wants to compete with Jim…because Jim will now be kicking Bob’s butt all over town. 🙂



If you have any questions at all – About Us and ask your questions before making a purchase.


What’s really cool about ROCKET RANKINGS…

  •  We don’t even have to touch your website to get you new leads and traffic.
  •  We don’t lock you into contracts – we absolutely hate contracts.
  •  We work well without adult supervision and we take pride in helping your business succeed.
  •  If you think our services SUCK – then simply run away… but that won’t happen because we’re great at what we do!
  •  Besides, we don’t want your money if we can’t get you results – that’s not how we operate – that’s not how we roll.

Go ahead, browse around our site, but please don’t leave here without giving us a try. Why? Because you’ll be kicking yourself in the butt if your competitors use our services before you do!

There is a COLD HARD FACT that getting thousands of extra ROCKET RANKING pages working for you – is something that your competitors won’t suspect and won’t know how to fight.

We thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you on the other side!

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